24 June 2012

Scotland World Leader on Climate Change

Scotland’s reputation as a world leader in climate change has been reinforced at the UN Summit on Sustainable Development in Rio.

Environment and Climate Change Minister Stewart Stevenson met with the Mexican Government to discuss the importance of climate change legislation for sustainable development, and he praised Mexico’s commitment to tackling climate change.

Mexico is now the third country to introduce legislation with binding targets on climate change, behind Scotland and the UK.

Mr Stevenson met with Juan Rafael Elvira Quesada, Secretary of the Environment and Natural Resources in the Cabinet of President Felipe Calderón. He presented Elvira Quesada with a bottle of Scotch ‘twenty twenty’ whisky in recognition of Mexico’s new climate change legislation.

Mr Stevenson said:

"Scotland is leading the way in tackling climate change. Our ambitious targets are world leading and our ambitions for climate justice are not simply kind words - we are providing real support through our innovative Climate Justice Fund.

"The Scottish Government recognises the urgency of addressing climate change. If we are to succeed in tackling climate change, countries worldwide must play their part to ensure a sustainable global future.

"I am delighted that Mexico has followed Scotland’s lead and implemented binding targets. To mark the occasion I met with Mexico’s Environment Secretary at the UN Summit in Rio and presented him with a bottle of iconic Scotch ‘twenty twenty’ whisky, which was created especially to mark our momentous occasion in 2009.

"The international leadership we are showing on sustainable development and low carbon economy is something we should all be proud of. I have taken every opportunity to promote Scotland’s commitment and actions at the UN Summit this week, calling on world leaders to take action for a sustainable and equitable future."

Stewart Stevenson
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