29 October 2012

Hudghton in Historic Euro Parliament Vote

On Thursday (25 October) during a voting session at the European Parliament’s plenary session in Strasbourg, a rare display of political harmony was seen!

Ian Hudghton MEP Voting
in the European Parliamen
SNP President and local MEP Ian Hudghton had drafted a Report recommending that national control over fisheries management within the 12 mile limit of each member state should continue. 

In an electronic vote the result was 658 votes in favour, with no votes against and no abstentions.  The Scottish MEP was congratulated by colleagues from all sides of the chamber and the session President.

No one in the Parliament could recall such a result - absolute unanimity - being recorded previously at a plenary session in the EP.  A remarkable achievement!

Commenting, local MSP Stewart Stevenson said:

“Ian has been a staunch defender of Scotland’s fishing communities and this remarkable vote is a mark of the respect in which he is held in Europe when he speaks on these matters.”

Stewart Stevenson
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