17 October 2012

Local MSP Comments on Gardenstown Bus Service

Banffshire & Buchan Coast MSP Stewart Stevenson has welcomed the decision by Stagecoach Bluebird to continue with their bus service to the Seatown at Gardenstown.

Stagecoach had undertaken a three-month trial using a different turning area in Gardenstown following difficulties caused by illegally parked cars at the usual turning stance.  However, there was concern in the community that if the trial was deemed unsuccessful, the bus service will terminate at the village petrol station.  This would have left residents in the Seatown area with a considerable walk up the Gamrie Braes.  Gardenstown is famous for its long, winding descent to the village harbour.

Mr Stevenson had previously written to and Aberdeenshire Council over the threat to remove a local bus service from the village.  The SNP MSP had previously said the council subsidise the bus service and if the present operator cannot or will not provide the required service then they should step aside, refund their public subsidy and allow another bus operator to take over.

Welcoming today’s news, Mr Stevenson said:

“This is very good news indeed for Gardenstown.

“It would have been completely unacceptable if the bus service had moved to terminating further up the village, but a common-sense approach has prevailed.

“Public pressure and the success of the trial period has prevailed and we must ensure that the bus service continued to be well-used and unobstructed on its journey around the village.”

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