12 November 2012

LibDem's Own Arguments Make Case for Independent Scotland

The LibDems have been challenged to acknowledge that the inescapable logic of their call for a regional approach to EU fisheries management is for Scotland to have the powers to make its own decisions across the policy spectrum.

Tavish Scott MSP is quoted as arguing that when it comes to who should make decisions over fisheries, “Scottish fishermen need an active government focused on their interests".

The same argument can be applied to a host of other policy areas where the Scottish Government is currently prevented from acting as a result of the current devolution settlement, leading to calls for the LibDems to acknowledge the simple fact that it is people in Scotland who are best placed to take decisions affecting Scotland.

Commenting, SNP MSP Stewart Stevenson whose Banffshire & Buchan Coast constituency is home to Scotland’s two largest fishing ports said:

“Tavish Scott is right that we need regional fisheries management, because the Common Fisheries Policy in its current form has failed either to protect fish stocks or support livelihoods in coastal communities.

“Quite simply, the people best placed to make decisions on managing the North Sea are the Governments of countries surrounding it, who by definition have the greatest stake in developing a profitable, sustainable industry.

“What the LibDems should acknowledge, however, is that this fact is just as true in many other areas.

“By definition, the people who are best placed to take decisions on Scotland’s economy, taxes and benefits, to name but a few areas, are the people of Scotland.

“If the LibDems can recognise that fact when it comes to fishing, they should acknowledge it is also true in a host of other areas.

“That is why we need the powers of an independent Scotland, as only a Yes vote in 2014 will give people in Scotland the opportunity to make all of our own policy decisions."

Tavish Scott’s comments can be viewed at

Stewart Stevenson
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