22 September 2016

Stevenson Demands Best Deal for Scottish Economy

SNP MSP for Banffshire & Buchan Coast, Stewart Stevenson, has called for the maintaining membership of the EU single market after Brexit and spoken about its importance to the Scottish economy.

Mr Stevenson spoke in a Parliamentary debate on responding to the EU Referendum and Scotland’s economy. Stevenson called for maintaining Scotland’s membership to the EU single market in order to protect the vital trading opportunities and access to talent it offers.

Commenting, Stewart Stevenson MSP said,

“The EU single market plays a vital role across several sectors both in the Scottish economy and the UK economy as a whole. A recent report by Aberdeenshire Council has shown that Brexit could cost the Council £11m - including £1,437,000 allocated to North East Scotland Fisheries Local Action Group. North-east farming alone receives between £75m and £100m a year in subsidies.

“There is also potential harm to technological firms. With the implementation of the Unitary Patents Court a UK outside of the single market would very likely have to file court actions across 38 countries. Alternatively, those within will only have to file one. This is just one of many costs which leaving the single market will give us. These additional costs to doing business and exporting products will unequivocally make Scotland less competitive.

“There’s also a skills shortage to consider. There are many talented people from the EU that work across these islands. If we the UK Government drag us out of the EU single market- the threat of skill shortages will grow. Our ability to recruit talent and to be competitive will vanish. It is essential that we protect the economic future of our country.”

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