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6 September 2016

Stevenson Welcomes Scottish Government's New Climate Change Bill

Banffshire & Buchan Coast MSP Stewart Stevenson welcomed new Climate Change Bill which will target 50% emissions reduction by 2020.

Today the Scottish Government announced its program for the next year. Included among planned legislation are a Housing Bill and a Warm Homes Bill which will be of considerable interest to people in the North East of Scotland.

With the achievement the 42% reduction in emissions to which the 2009 Climate Change (Scotland) Act having been achieved four years early, the Government also plans a new Climate Change Bill which will set a new target of 50% for 2020.

Welcoming this new Bill, Stewart Stevenson MSP, who was the Minister responsible for the 2009 Act, said:

“Scotland's targets for tackling climate change have been among the most ambitious in the world. When I took the previous Bill through Parliament the 42% reduction target for 2020 was regarded as very challenging. But we have beaten that.

“The new target of 50% is necessary to keep up the pressure. And as a world leader in tackling climate change there are also clear business opportunities to turn our skills and experience into to new high value jobs.

“I look forward to seeing the detail of the new Bill and will work constructively to make it the best Bill we can”.

Stewart Stevenson
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