9 February 2017

Local MSP Celebrates Burns and Scots Language

Banffshire & Buchan Coast MSP, Stewart Stevenson, spoke on the importance of accepting and celebrating Robert Burns and the Scots language in a recent Scottish Parliament Debate.

Mr Stevenson focused on the enduring impact Burns and Scots has had on Scottish culture. He noted the great sense of pride Scottish people feel about the status of Scots as an indigenous language.

The Scottish Parliament went on to discuss the need to encourage efforts to write down Scots language and ensure its continuation. The Parliament jointly honoured Robert Burns and recognised Scots as a vital part of Scotland’s history, culture and representing Scotland to the rest of the world.

Commenting, Stewart Stevenson MSP said,

“We should diligently and proudly celebrate Robert Burns and Scots language, and not just once a year on Burn’s Day. People on farms, on ships and in cities all know of Burns and they are all part of the community that has inherited the legacy of his poems. I applaud organisations like the Strichen and Rosehearty Burns Clubs in the North-east which help us keep our proud heritage alive in our communities.”

“I stand with the Scottish Government in recognising Scots in all its forms, as it is at the heart of many communities as well as Scottish literature and heritage. The 2011 census showed 1.5 million Scots had some fluency in the language and I hope that continues to grow. I support the promotion and preservation of Scots and the great poetry of the Bard. I hope we can all recognise and experience the legacy of Burns and Scots – they are more than simply words, they are symbols of who were are—their legacy is us.”

Stewart Stevenson
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