9 February 2017

Stevenson Condemns Blank Cheque to Tories

Banffshire & Buchan Coast MSP, Stewart Stevenson, has criticised the blank cheque on the terms of leaving the EU given to the Tories last night.

Mr Stevenson spoke during today’s First Ministers Questions in which he asked Ms Sturgeon for her response to the Conservative / Labour alliance at Westminster which voted down reasoned protections for Scotland’s interests.

Commenting, Stewart Stevenson MSP said,

“It’s an utter disgrace that the Tories have been given a blank cheque to negotiate any deal they feel like with democratic input. They accepted none of the amendments tabled at Westminster by the SNP and others.

“For example they now have a Parliamentary support allowing them to implement what their white paper describes as a mutually beneficial agreement with EU fishing interests. That’s another disgraceful sell-out of our fishermen.

“The Prime Minister’s hard right cohort want to railroad Scotland and the UK off an economic cliff edge despite none of the 33 million EU referendum voters being asked if they wanted to leave the single market.

“The SNP is now the only voice of reason in Westminster. We continue to protect Scotland’s interests but it’s more and more obvious that neither Labour nor the Tories can be trusted with this responsibility.

“The Tory Government has proven time and again that they will pursue policies that are disastrous for Scotland.”

Stewart Stevenson
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