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7 November 2018

UK Government Urged to Act on CCS After Leading Scientists Warn of "Weariness", MSP Warns

Plans for CCS (Carbon, Capture and Storage) must be given the opportunity they deserve after a leading scientist warned of “weariness” over a continued failure from the UK Government to sanction new projects.

It comes after the Conservatives pulled out of plans to invest in an alternative future for the North Sea by cancelling a £1 billion competition for development money at the last minute.

In a meeting before the Commons Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, MPs were warned there was a need for “real” projects.

Professor Stuart Haszeldine, of Scottish Carbon Capture and Storage, was asked how the cancelled investment three years ago had impacted on engagement and investment.

But Professor Haszeldine warned there was a “slight weariness” in academic circles that “we are running on the spot”, adding: “We now need real projects to get on with.”

He also told the committee that several large companies had laid out their own money and watched it be “burned in flames”.

And Luke Warren, Chief Executive of the Carbon Capture and Storage Association, said the experience had left parties feeling “somewhat bruised”.

In May this year, the UK Government announced £21.5million of investment to help reduce the cost of CCS technology suggesting it would make it more “commercially viable”.

Commenting, Stewart Stevenson MSP said:

“While there is still a huge appetite for CCS, time is running out for the UK Government as scientists and others capable of making it happen become fatigued by the lacklustre approach towards getting projects off the ground.

“It has been three years since £1billion of investment was earmarked and only six month ago have moves been made to look at how to bring down predicted costs of making it commercially viable.

“Time and time again, the Scottish Government have called on Westminster to honour its previous promises and look at investing in CCS in the North-East to no avail.

“The region was promised more jobs and investment which they have failed to deliver.

“How much longer will we have to wait before Westminster gets it act together?”

Stewart Stevenson
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