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28 November 2018

UK Government Urges to Make Peterhead Prime Site for CCS

The UK Government has been urged to make the North-East a main hub for Carbon Capture Storage (CCS) after an action plan was revealed to develop Britain’s first scheme to capture emissions.

It comes after Peterhead missed out on £1billion of funding in 2015 when plans were pulled by the UK Government for a CCS project which could have brought investment and hundreds of potential new jobs for the area.

Now, it has emerged the first project of its kind could be up and running as early as the mid-2020s, with an overarching ambition to roll out the technology at scale by the 2030s, if costs can be brought down.

The action plan will help develop the UK’s first scheme to capture emissions from power stations and heavy industry and use the carbon dioxide for processes such as making concrete or store it underground to cut climate pollution, ministers have announced.

Experts have said that CCS is key to cutting greenhouse gas emissions to tackle climate change.

Commenting, Stewart Stevenson MSP said:

“Since the plans for investment were axed by the Tory Government in 2015, we have campaigned for Peterhead to be reconsidered for investment which would create hundreds of jobs and boost the local economy.

“Investment should be made in CCS and it should be done so in the North-East of Scotland.

“There is a growing need for alternative energy storage and it’s high time the Tories got their finger out – invested in this technology to meet our climate change obligations, invested the billion they promised in the North East and delivered new jobs to boost the region.

“The potential for Peterhead as the UK’s prime site for carbon capture and storage is in absolutely no doubt. The UK government’s own report identifies its ‘unique potential’.

“Our waters in the North Seas provide access to vast carbon storage resources and coupled with our existing oil and gas capabilities, ready supply chain, and strategically important industrial clusters, Scotland is the best-placed country in Europe to realise CCUS on a commercial scale.”

Stewart Stevenson
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