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7 January 2020

MSP Condemns Tory Power Grab on Holyrood

Stewart Stevenson MSP has condemned the UK Tory government for plans to grant themselves the powers to overrule MSPs on devolved areas, according to an independent report.

Analysis by the Scottish Parliament Information Centre (SPICe) warns that the EU (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill will “allow UK Ministers, acting alone, to make provision in devolved policy areas."

The SNP has challenged the Scottish Tory leadership candidates to stand against this deeply undemocratic attack on the Scottish Parliament, labelling it an “early test” of their willingness to stand up to Boris Johnson.

The Tory government has consistently used Brexit as a smokescreen for a power grab on devolved matters – with the Tory manifesto also pledging to “look at the broader aspects of our constitution” after Brexit.

Commenting, Stewart Stevenson MSP said:

"I am appalled that Westminster has ploughed ahead with an undemocratic power grab - threatening Holyrood’s powers under the guise of Brexit.

“Far from taking powers back to Westminster, the clear view of the Scottish electorate is that more decisions should be made at Holyrood to create a fairer, more prosperous country.

"While the Tories think they can do what they want to Scotland, we must be clear that is not the case. This will be an early test in the Scottish Tory leadership battle – the candidates should stand up to their Westminster bosses, and tell Boris Johnson to keep his hands off the powers Holyrood has held for two decades.

“The SNP will seek to amend the Bill to stop this power grab, and all parties at Holyrood must stand firmly against any attempts to erode the hard-won powers of our Scottish Parliament.”

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