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5 March 2020

Tory Immigration Plans "Disastrous", says Leading Seafood Firm

SNP MSP: UK Government Proposals will
"Inflict Lasting Harm" on North East

Stewart Stevenson MSP has echoed warnings raised by a key Scottish firm that the Tories’ post-Brexit immigration plans would be “disastrous” for businesses, “devastating” for communities, and “catastrophic” for Scotland and the UK’s economy.

Christopher Leigh, the chief executive of award-winning Scottish seafood processor John Ross Jr (Aberdeen), added that the Tory government’s proposed immigration system highlighted “just how out of touch” UK government ministers are with businesses.

This comes after Boris Johnson unveiled plans last week to block most European workers from entering the UK.

The MSP also condemned the UK government for disregarding the Scottish Government’s detailed proposals for a tailored Scottish visa system to address Scotland’s distinct immigration needs.

Commenting, Stewart Stevenson MSP said:

“The chief executive of John Ross clearly has profound concerns that the Tories’ restrictive visa plans will have on businesses in the UK.

“John Ross is just one of many seafood firms where the overwhelming majority of the workforce are migrant workers who are contributing to the economic success of Scotland.

“It is vital that the UK government takes action before it is too late. Boris Johnson's proposed immigration system will inflict lasting harm and cause catastrophic damage for businesses in Aberdeen, and across Scotland.

“In stark contrast, the SNP Scottish Government submitted detailed proposals for a devolved Scottish visa system to meet Scotland’s specific employment challenges.

“These sensible proposals were welcomed by the business and third sector community, but ignored by the Tories.

"The Tories simply don’t care about the future prosperity of Scotland – the people of Scotland must have the choice of a better future as an independent country.”

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