23 December 2002

Local MSP In Broadband Meeting With BT Chief

Banff & Buchan MSP Stewart Stevenson has met with BT’s Head of Scottish Affairs to discuss the provision of Broadband in Buchan.

BT’s Ian Shanks came to Peterhead last week at Mr Stevenson’s request and met with the MSP and representatives from the Peterhead Business Forum, the local branch of the Federation of Small Businesses, Scottish Enterprise and Aberdeenshire Council, as well as local businessmen.

Commenting on the meeting, Mr Stevenson said:

“This was a useful meeting and exchange of views and gave those taking part the opportunity to put their concerns and questions to one of BT’s senior management team in Scotland.

“BT have set a trigger level of 650 expressions of interest before the Peterhead exchange will be upgraded to include Broadband facilities. Currently, the number of expressions of interest stands at 147.

“However, with over 1000 BT business subscribers and over 8000 BT personal subscribers in Peterhead, I am confident that number will increase once people know more about how Broadband can be applied to their home or business situation.

“To that end, a number of initiatives were discussed at the meeting about raising public awareness of the issue. One of these is a planned ‘Broadband Roadshow’ early next year which Scottish Enterprise will help in arranging. In the meantime, I can highly commend the website as well worth a visit for those wishing to know more. It has been set up by local man Alan Dow in an effort to promote Broadband and raise awareness.

“It is essential that this area of Scotland is not left behind in the new technological age.”

Stewart Stevenson
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