23 December 2002

‘Yule Be Lucky!’ MSP Candidate Tells Her Supporters


Banff & Buchan MSP Stewart Stevenson has revealed an astonishing gaffe by his Lib Dem opponent at next May’s Scottish Parliament elections.

The Liberals’ candidate for the Banff & Buchan Scottish Parliament seat has already raised the white flag – just weeks after announcing her selection as a candidate. In her website, Gordon councillor Debra Storr admits that a Liberal vote is a wasted vote by conceding defeat stating that “Banff & Buchan is an unlikely win for the Liberal Democrats”.

Commenting on the amazing admission, Stewart Stevenson said:

“I am all for honesty in politics and I congratulate my opponent for being so up front with the electors about the prospects of the Liberal Party in Banff & Buchan.

“This must surely be the first time that a candidate for election cannot be described as a ‘Parliamentary hopeful’ because she is clearly anything but!

“Debra Storr recognises the damage that the Liberal administration in Aberdeenshire has done to her party locally and with it, her prospects. People are unlikely to forget the unkept cemeteries, the cuts to schoolchildren’s transport and the farce of closed public toilets. People are paying more council tax for less services under her administration and are not going to forget that.

“Debra Storr has her own problems to deal with and would be well advised to look after her own council ward, where I know there is much concern about a landfill site and her attitude towards local businesses and voluntary organisations, who have taken a dim view of her recent activities.”

Note: The full quote on the Liberal Democrat website – - is as follows: “Don't worry. You may have seen in the press recently that I have been asked – and agreed - to stand for the Scottish Parliament in Banff and Buchan next May. However I am intending to continue as your councillor here [Belhelvie and Balmedie]. Frankly, Banff and Buchan is an unlikely win for the Liberal Democrats but I feel it is important to help my friends in the north.”

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