23 December 2002

MSP Welcomes International Boost For Cruden Bay Golf Course

Banff & Buchan MSP Stewart Stevenson has welcomed the publication of the ‘Golf in Britain’ map published by the British Tourist Authority which includes Cruden Bay Golf Course among the 146 courses around Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland featured on the map.

Mr Stevenson commented:

“The British Tourist Authority has in the past shown itself to be no friend of the North-east of Scotland, having missed us out completely from one of their recent publications. I am therefore pleased to see that they are making a greater effort this time to be more inclusive of the facilities we have to offer visitors.

“It should not come as any great surprise of course that Cruden Bay should be included in a golfing map of Britain. It is already recognised as one of the top courses in the world and this is a testimony to the club and the staff there who do so much to maintain and promote the course and I congratulate them on their efforts.”

Banff & Buchan MP Alex Salmond added:

“I was privileged to be asked to speak at the Cruden Bay club’s centenary dinner a few years ago so I know how committed and dedicated a team they have in place there.

“I hope that Cruden Bay’s inclusion on the golfing map will help provide a boost to the local tourism industry and have some knock-on effects for the many other tremendous courses which Banff & Buchan has to offer the golfing visitor.”

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