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19 August 2006

Judge's Concern About Early Release Of Sex Offenders Should Be Heeded

Commenting on remarks made by senior judge Lord Hardie that sex offenders should only qualify for automatic early release after serving a substantial part of their sentences and after a risk assessment had been undertaken Stewart Stevenson MSP, the SNP's deputy justice spokesman, said today (Saturday) that his remarks should be heeded.

Lord Hardie made his remarks yesterday following sentencing of a convicted sex offender to a 16-year extended sentence after he had re-offended whilst being out on automatic early release.

Commenting Mr Stevenson said:

"This is yet another indictment of the Executive's failure to adequately govern Scotland's criminal justice system. Only this week we learned that two men convicted of attempted murder were free to do so because they were out on license.

"Lord Hardie is a very senior judge and his comments should be heeded.

"He is simply highlighting the inadequate system of supervision we have for those who have been released from jail and the need for a greater focus to rehabilitate offenders whilst they are in prison." Categories [Justice]

Stewart Stevenson
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