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7 August 2006

Stevenson Congratulates BBC On 5 Million Audience For Trawlermen Series

Following the five editions of the programme Trawlermen which is being carried on BBC1 across the UK this week, Banff and Buchan MSP Stewart Stevenson has spoken out strongly in favour of real life series such as Trawlermen. Speaking today from his constituency office in Peterhead, Mr Stevenson said:

“The lives of our fishermen have been shown to 5 million people across the UK in the kind of detail which they’ve never shown before. The price of fish is very high and as the programme says, it’s the most dangerous job that there is.

“The five skippers and their crew are to be congratulated on their ability to bring humour and the Doric tongue to a wider audience and show people the true cost of putting fish on their plate.

Commenting on the use of subtitles for some of the dialogue, Mr Stevenson said:

“While I was personally mildly irritated by the use of subtitles, the skippers and their crew have assured me that they felt that this would be an appropriate way of reaching a wider audience - and with five million people watching they’re probably correct.” Categories [Environment and Rural Development]

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