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11 August 2006

Stevenson Calls For Community Engagement In Deveron Terrace Planning Inquiry

Following his attendance at the timetabling meeting held in Banff on Thursday on the planning implications of a proposed football and tennis facility at Deveron Terrace, local MSP Stewart Stevenson has called for all interested parties to use the opportunity to make their views known.

Speaking after the meeting the MSP said,

The enquiry will probably start on Tuesday, 7th November and last two weeks. Many of the local interested parties have already indicated that they will give evidence and I welcome that.

With major players such as Aberdeenshire Council, Historic Scotland and Tesco engaging advocates to put their case, it is important that everyone representing community interests submits a well argued case.

On an issue with such a range of views in the local community, Mr Trevor Croft who is the Inquiry Reporter, has a significant challenge in drawing up a recommendation to present to Scottish Ministers.

I welcome the proposal that documents relating to to the Inquiry be displayed in both Banff and Macduff as this proposed development is important to both.”

Commenting on the timescale, Stewart Stevenson added,

Disappointingly after such a long period of uncertainty, it seems that Ministers are unlikely to receive a recommendation until late January and would normally take some months to deliver a decision..

For those people living near the proposed development such a long period of uncertainty will be very unsettling. And for parties such as the Princes Royal who want to improve facilities in Banff and Macduff, it will add costs and delay.” Categories [MSP Constituency] [Communities]

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