14 March 2008

Police Numbers Boost for Grampian Welcomed

Banff & Buchan MSP Stewart Stevenson has welcomed the news that police numbers in the Grampian Police Force area are steadily increasing with the latest boost due to the SNP's commitment to increase police numbers.
Grampian Police has announced that police numbers have gone above 1500 for the first time. The SNP Government's funding for additional officers and the ongoing Grampian Police recruitment programme are expected to push that number over 1600 next year and over 1650 by 2011.

Commenting on the news, Mr Stevenson said;

"This is excellent news for the people of Banff & Buchan and a moral boost for police forces throughout the area. Residents can be assured that these extra officers will act as a significant boost to policing in the region.

"From the outset, the SNP has been committed to delivering a more visible police presence on our streets, where it matters most.. The SNP Government is acting on its manifesto pledge to dramatically increase the number of police officers on duty in our communities and I am delighted that Grampian will be an area that sees some early benefit from that programme of recruitment.

"Having more police officers on the street is fundamental to achieving our goal of creating a more effective police force to tackle criminal activity and to enhance public safety in communities across Scotland. The recruitment of these extra officers is one that will also provide additional high quality employment and career prospects for young people in Banff & Buchan interested in making a difference to their communities."

Stewart Stevenson
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