4 March 2008

Stevenson Announces Water Customer Rebates For Failing Service

Banff & Buchan MSP and Water Minister, Stewart Stevenson has announced that a ‘guaranteed minimum service’ should be set for water customers and when this service fails customers should receive a rebate on their water bills.

Mr. Stevenson also announced that new corporate arrangements for Scottish Water would be put in place whereby Scottish Ministers will set the objectives and outcomes for the public body to deliver.

Commenting after the announcement, Mr. Stevenson said:

“This is very welcome news for small businesses and indeed all water customers in Banff & Buchan. What this would effectively mean would be that customers would be guaranteed an efficient and fit for purpose water service, failing which they would receive a rebate.

“Following recent problems with Scottish Water experienced by businesses in Peterhead where they received incorrect meter readings and were significantly overcharged, this is a major step in the right direction.

“I was heavily involved in highlighting these injustices in Peterhead and campaigning for a more efficient water service for my constituents. And now as the Minister in charge of the water industry I have used the bad experiences of customers locally to shape quality assurances for water customers in Scotland.

“Added to the recent news that water bill rises in 2008/2009 will be below the rate of inflation, this proposed rebate is another sign that the SNP Government is delivering on its commitments to improve our water industry. This move will leave families and all water rate payers in Banff & Buchan with a more efficient and reliable water service and more money in their pockets.”

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