19 March 2008

Seeking the route to greener transport

Wednesday, March 19, 2008
He takes the train, he drives (rather slowly), he flashes his bus pass, and has even been known to fly a plane or two. Scotland’s new transport minister doesn’t lack first-hand experience of the network – but his remit extends to its environmental impact too, he tells Arthur Allan

Stewart Stevenson likes to illustrate his green credentials with a driving tip. He has recently reduced the cruise control setting on his car by 5mph. The result: on the relatively rare occasions when he drives from his constituency to the Scottish Parliament, his fuel consumption is 10 per cent lower than before.

When it comes to his ministerial portfolio, however, Stevenson cannot afford to cruise. As the first Scottish minister to combine responsibilities for transport and climate change, he must steer a fine course: strengthening the nation’s communications links, while squeezing emissions.

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