1 May 2009

MSP Opens Maggie Black's Trail

MSP Stewart Stevenson, along with Buchanhaven School pupils recently launched a new Peterhead path. The £140,000 Maggie Black's Trail was formally opened which links the Waterside area of the town to the school - providing a safer walking and cycling route for residents.

The path was funded by a Scottish Government and Sustrans "Tackling the School Run" grant and by Aberdeenshire Council.

The trail was given its name after a competition held in Buchanhaven school and pupil Curtis Stephen came up with the name after researching historical personalities in the area.

Opening the facility, Stewart Stevenson said:

"This new route is a great example of pupils being able to make a safe and healthy journey to school and I'm sure it will highlight to parents the alternatives to driving their children to the school gate.

"Using the new route will not only enable the pupils to undertake regular physical activity and achieve the benefits associated with that, it will also help them to learn about sustainable travel methods at an early age, both priority areas for this government."

Stewart Stevenson
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