9 May 2009

OXFAM In Fraserburgh Holds Fun Day


Oxfam in Fraserburgh is set to hold a fun-day this Friday (12th May). MSP Stewart Stevenson will attend the event at 3.00pm at the event to raise awareness for the Control Arms campaign and join the Million Faces photo petition.

The Fraserburgh public are invited along to enjoy special product prices and give-aways. Free tea and coffee will be on offer, as well as sweets for kids.

The event aims to raise awareness for the Control Arms campaign, which calls for an International Arms Trade Treaty to govern the transfer of arms.

Lack of control on the arms trade is resulting in the loss of thousands of lives every year. Supporters from over 80 countries are calling on world leaders to use their influence at next months UN conference in New York to make important steps towards the creation of a treaty.

The people of Fraserburgh are urged to join the 901, 576 supporters who have already signed, by adding their face to the Million Faces campaign.

Commenting, Stewart Stevenson said,

“The lack of control on arms is causing unnecessary death and conflict worldwide. An International Arms Trade Treaty is therefore vital and will save thousands of lives.

“The support of the people of Fraserburgh in the Million Faces campaign will prove extremely useful in demonstrating Scotland’s support for the cause.”

Maurice Porter, from Oxfam, said,

“The Fraserburgh public have been extremely generous and have responded well to our various appeals. The Control Arms campaign is an extremely worthwhile cause and we hope to see this support continued.

To support the Control Arms Campaign, members of the public can join the Million Faces petition at their local Oxfam shop, or sign up and get more information online at

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