3 August 2009

Improving Scotland's Planning System

Further new measures to create a more effective planning system to support economic recovery come into effect today.

The changes include:

Establishing local review bodies so that councillors, rather than the Scottish Government, can review decisions made over small-scale, local developments

A requirement on developers to consult communities before submitting major development proposals

More information being made available on planning decisions

Increasing the options for planning authorities to take effective enforcement action

Infrastructure Minister Stewart Stevenson said:

“The Scottish Government is working to ensure Scotland’s planning system is increasingly joined up, providing greater certainty and speed of decision making for developers and communities.

"These procedural changes form a significant part of our ongoing work to modernise the Scottish planning system, building on advances like ePlanning, the second National Planning Framework and the commitments in Delivering Planning Reform.

“The creation of local review bodies will enable planning appeals for small developments to move more swiftly through the planning system – rather than the matter requiring consideration by Ministers.

“Pre-application consultations will require developers to consult communities with proposals for national and major developments, increasing public participation in the planning system.

“A key part of our economic recovery programme is ensuring that all Government activity, including on planning and regulation, supports economic development. The changes we are implementing are a further step towards the realisation of a planning system which is fit for 21st century Scotland, further helping to position Scotland’s economy for recovery.”

Stewart Stevenson
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