21 August 2009

Stevenson To Open Cruden Bay All-Weather Facility

Local MSP Stewart Stevenson will officially open the new all-weather courts at Mill Park, Cruden Bay tomorrow (Saturday) at 12.30pm for 1.00pm.

Mr Stevenson has been invited by Cruden Bay Recreation Park Committee to officiate at Saturday’s opening ceremony.

The project to refurbish an existing all weather court and to install a new all weather court has cost £115,000. The contributors to the project include SportScotland, Aberdeenshire Council, SITA Trust, Cruden Bay Tennis Club, Cruden Bay Community Association, Brambles PLC and Cruden Bay Recreation Park Committee.

The new facilities are part of the ongoing regeneration programme at Mill Park which over the last few years has seen the completion of a new Bowling Pavilion, new Community Pavilion, additional play equipment and upgraded parking and drainage system. Sportscotland, Aberdeenshire Council and SITA have been active partners in all or some of these projects.

Commenting on the new facilities, Mr Stevenson said:

“This is an excellent addition to the facilities already in place in Cruden Bay and the Recreation Park Committee and all those involved in taking this project forward are to be congratulated on their initiative.

“A wide range of funding partners have been involved and it is clearly a significant undertaking to pull all that together but I’m sure everyone agrees that it has been well worth the efforts and has resulted in a tremendous asset for the village.”

Stewart Stevenson
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