27 September 2010

Advance work at Gala Water in preparation for Borders Railway

Further advance work begins today at a number of sites along the Gala Water to support the delivery of Borders Railway.

Work will be carried out at Shoestanes and Burnhouse – where the railway will run adjacent to the Gala Water to protect and maintain the existing railway embankment by placing large stones at key sites on the river to slow the flow of water and prevent erosion. This Scour Protection work is being undertaken by Scottish Borders Council’s SBC Contracts and is the second phase of this work on the Gala Water. It will be carried out over September and October and continues the advance work which began in March this year when the Waverley Railway Act was triggered marking the start of the railway construction.

Stewart Stevenson, Transport Minister said:

“This advance work demonstrates the continued progress we are making in preparation for the Borders Railway. All the land required has been purchased and the procurement process is underway with bidders currently engaged in discussion with Transport Scotland. It is good to see the advance works making good progress. The Borders Railway is an important project and our investment will open up real social and economic opportunities for those living in the Borders.”

Steve Milligan, Borders Railway Project Director, Transport Scotland said:

“Today’s milestone takes us another step closer to having the route of the railway ready for when the main contractor starts delivering the main construction work. By carrying out this work in advance, the risk for the contractor is minimised as far as possible as well as ensuring value for taxpayers’ money.”

Leader of Scottish Borders Council, Councillor David Parker said:

"Scottish Borders Council are proud to be managing this work on behalf of Transport Scotland. Having been involved with the railway since its inception we are delighted to play our part in helping with the construction of the project which is a vital development for the long term sustainability of the Borders economy.

All of the advance works and the work being done by Transport Scotland will mean that it will not be too long now before Borderers can enjoy being linked to the rest of Scotland as part of the rail network."

Advance work already carried out has included the diversion of a 1.5 km water main from the old railway trackbed in Stow together with other utility diversions in Dalkeith, Cowbraehill and Galashiels.

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