8 September 2010

Stevenson And Whiteford Meet Fishing Leaders At Scottish Parliament Sustainable Fisheries Event

Banff & Buchan MSP Stewart Stevenson and MP Dr Eilidh Whiteford both took the opportunity to meet with key figures from the fishing industry last night at an event hosted by Seafood Scotland to highlight the efforts of the Scottish fishing industry to adopt sustainable practices.

The event featured live cooking demonstrations and was supported by the Scottish Government’s “Eat More Fish” campaign.

Commenting, Mr Stevenson said:

“The Scottish Parliament event was exceptionally well attended and was an excellent opportunity for key figures in the fishing industry to highlight the extremely challenging circumstances the industry is facing to lawmakers in Edinburgh.

“The SNP Government knows just how important the fishing sector is to Scotland, but it is important that the needs of the industry are made clear to all politicians and this reception provided a key opportunity to do just that.”

Local Westminster MP Dr Eilidh Whiteford also attended the event and commented:

“The fishing industry has a positive story to tell when it comes to the sustainability measures it has adopted, but there is no doubt that these are extremely hard times.

“More than anything else there is an urgent need to see the discredited CFP replaced and for control over fish stocks return to a regional level so that those who know the state of the industry best can make the appropriate decisions. The industry in Scotland has led Europe when it comes to fishing sustainably and nobody has a bigger stake in the future of the sector than the people who rely on it for their livelihoods.”

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