23 September 2010

Broch Councillor & MSP Congratulate Fraserburgh Heritage Centre

Fraserburgh’s SNP councillor Brian Topping and local MSP Stewart Stevenson dropped into the Heritage Centre Open Day on Saturday morning to show support for the facility and the dedicated team who run it.

Mr Stevenson and Cllr Topping met with volunteers and staff and toured the exhibition.

Commenting afterwards, Stewart Stevenson said:

“The Fraserburgh Heritage Centre is a remarkable facility and is well-worth a visit.

“It is full of fascinating items and exhibits about the Broch’s history and provides quite an eye-opener into Fraserburgh down through the ages.

“The volunteers and staff I met were all very enthusiastic about the centre and extremely knowledgeable about the various exhibits. I wish them continued success in the future.”

The town’s SNP councillor Brian Topping added:

“The Broch Heritage Centre is particularly good for children as there’s a lot of the exhibits you can actually touch and get close to. I know I enjoyed doing so!

“It’s great that we have places like this which make our local history come alive and the team at the centre do a really fantastic job.”
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