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6 December 2010

Bids invited for concessionary travel technology


Three organisations have been invited to tender for provision of a new concessionary travel asset management system announced Stewart Stevenson, Minister for Transport, today.

The new system, which is to replace the current back office technology, can be used across different modes of transport and will be supported across the whole of the UK.

Fully integrated with smart ticketing, the software will also supply more detailed concessionary journey information, providing a more efficient system for bus operators with a better billing and reimbursement process.

Mr Stevenson said

“The Scottish Government is fully committed to the success of the concessionary travel scheme and I am pleased to see the start of tendering for this important, newer generation technology.

“Being operable across all modes of transport, across the UK, this system is future ready. It will also improve on the current software with a more accurate, more efficient recording system and it is anticipated, through improved processes for electronic ticketing, will also deliver further operational savings.

"Our concessionary travel scheme has already provided over 1.1 million users with greater access to services and facilities. This important service not only allows for greater social inclusion, but also tackles carbon emissions by promoting modal shift from private car to public transport.”

Ecebs Ltd, Applied Card Technologies Ltd and ERG Transit Systems (UK) Ltd have been selected to tender for the c£10m Asset Management System - Host Operator Processing System (AMS-HOPS) contract following successful prequalification. Tenders are expected to be submitted early in 2011.

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