2 December 2010

Stevenson Welcomes measures To Support Doric

"Doric is an important part of Banff & Buchan's heritage and culture" - MSP

Banff & Buchan MSP Stewart Stevenson has today welcomed new proposals to promote the needs of, and enhance the status of, Doric and the Scots language across Scotland.

The proposals come from a group set up to advise Scottish Government Ministers on the future of the North-east language. It focused on sectors that have the potential to increase the use and status of Scots and Doric, including education, broadcasting, publishing, literature and the arts.

The report sets out practical and achievable recommendations in these key areas. Ministers will now consider the report and its recommendations before responding formally to the Group.

The Scots Language Working Group's recommendations include the development of a national Scots language policy, increased support for Doric in education, a greater profile for Doric in the media, and the establishment of a network of Scots and Doric coordinators.

Commenting, Mr Stevenson said:

“There is a strong Doric language heritage and culture in Banff & Buchan and across the North-east and it is important that we support that heritage and culture. There are opportunities in the classroom, in the arts community and through local products to promote Doric and find new ways of improving its status and use.

“Indeed, I have been very impressed by the work being done in Scots when I visited Buckie High School recently and I know that other schools, such as Inverallochy, are equally as enthusiastic about the language.

“Those campaigning for a greater status for the Gaelic language have been very successful over the years but it is also important that we don’t neglect Doric and Scots. There are practical recommendations from the report, particularly the proposal for local Doric co-ordinators.

“I am very keen to see the status of Scots language enhanced, keeping our local dialects alive and I am sure that these recommendations will lead to good progress in the protection of our language and culture.”
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