5 December 2010

North East trains on track for return to service

Train services to Aberdeen from Glasgow and Edinburgh are slowly re-opening with the return of near normal rail services despite freezing conditions forecast to continue.

The news comes as national transport agency Transport Scotland also confirmed that the majority of the strategic road network was opened today on Sunday (5 December 2010).

Transport Minister Stewart Stevenson said:

“Despite freezing temperatures forecast, it is encouraging to see we are slowly returning to a more normal transport service in and around the North East with more rail services expected to run than in previous days.

“Transport staff across the country are working round the clock to keep our networks open and I am pleased our national roads network is almost entirely re-open again.”

“We have adequate salt supplies to see us through further bad weather, currently four times more than at the worst time in the winter last year and more deliveries due in the next few weeks. We also have a contingency supply ready for use in an emergency.”

With more adverse weather forecast for this week, careful journey planning is still essential. Travellers are urged to make informed and up-to-the-minute decisions with all the available travel news.

Journey planning information is available at Traffic Scotland and Traveline Scotland; iPhone users can download a free travel app that gives them access to all this information on the move.

Drivers should follow four key steps for safe winter driving
  • Check the weather forecast and road conditions,
  • Consider if you need to travel at all or can wait until weather improves
  • Consider alternative routes
  • Consider alternative modes of Transport

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