10 March 2011

Stevenson Hails Prison Decision

Commenting on the news that Aberdeenshire councillors have approved the planning application for a new-build prison in Peterhead, Banff & Buchan MSP Stewart Stevenson said:

“This is excellent news for Peterhead and for the Buchan economy.

“In the wake of the collapse of the Les Taylor Group I had construction companies contacting me expressing concern that the objection lodged by Score Group might deprive the community not only of a multi-million pound construction project, but also of the existing 200 bread-winner jobs provided on site.

“I’m delighted that the councillors have taken the decision they have, and we can look forward not only to the safeguarding of 200 jobs in Peterhead, but an expansion in employment once the new prison is complete.

“I’ve been proud to support the local community in its long campaign to retain a prison in the town and today is their reward for their perseverance with that campaign, even when it looked like the then head of the SPS and the former Justice Minister Jim Wallace might get their way and close Peterhead Prison. This is a good day for Peterhead and for community-led campaigns.”
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