30 August 2012

Environment Minister Visits New Highlands Water Plant

A new water treatment works which will serve 700 customers in Gairloch, Inverasdale and Poolewe has been visited by Scotland’s Environment Minister.

Stewart Stevenson was given a tour of the new £7.2 million works at Poolewe by Scottish Water staff on Tuesday. Mr Stevenson said:

“Scotland is blessed with many natural assets, including the sources used for our drinking water. We want all Scots to use and enjoy the water that comes from their tap, therefore I welcome the completion of this new treatment works at Poolewe.

“I’m sure that the communities supplied by this new works – and residents of Gairloch in particular – will appreciate the improved quality of drinking water that will result from the development.”

The new supply from the River Ewe was introduced last month to customers in Gairloch, providing much better quality of drinking water.

Work has been progressing on the final phases needed to put the new water into supply for Inverasdale and Poolewe.

The new works uses modern membrane technology to treat the drinking water to a very high standard. It replaces two existing water treatment works – one serving Gairloch which needed investment to improve the quality of drinking water in the area and another serving Inverasdale and Poolewe, which needed a bigger source to meet growing needs in the area.

Duncan Macdonald, Scottish Water’s Capital Liaison Engineer, said:

“Building a water treatment works and putting new water into supply is a complicated process and a lot of work goes into making sure a treatment works is fully up and running and ready to supply customers with as little disruption as possible during the transition period.

“We are aiming to introduce the new supply to customers in Inverasdale and Poolewe over the next few weeks.”

Some customers may notice a change in the taste of the drinking water at this time.

Sandy Mackenzie, Scottish Water’s Water Team Leader for the area is looking forward to having the new process fully into supply. He said:

“It will be great to get past this transition stage and to have the new water treatment works fully up and running. The new water treatment works in Poolewe means better quality drinking water and also allows us to meet the needs of the area into the foreseeable future.”

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