30 August 2012

Progress on Reducing NHS Management Welcomed by Stevenson

New statistics demonstrating the rapid progress that is being made towards reducing senior management posts in the NHS show that the SNP Government is prioritising frontline healthcare.

The Scottish Government brought in a target of reducing senior management positions in the NHS by 25% by 2015. The latest figures show that since March 2010 a drop of 16.1% has been achieved so far.

The reduction in senior management positions comes as figures show that the NHS workforce in Scotland is 2.6% higher than it was in September 2006 before the SNP took office, while there are also more qualified nurses employed by the NHS in Scotland since that time.

Commenting, local MSP Stewart Stevenson said:

“At a time when resources are tight, it is more important than ever that frontline healthcare is the top priority.

“You will not find many people who would not agree that money should be used to employ health staff ahead of senior managers.

“For the Scottish Government to have achieved an over 16% reduction in senior management positions is a clear demonstration that we are well on our way to achieving our target.

“The SNP is committed to protecting frontline healthcare and ensuring that people in Scotland continue to receive the exceptional level of care they currently get from the NHS.

“The fact that the NHS in Scotland is effectively independent shows what we can achieve when decisions are made by a Scottish Parliament, 100% elected in Scotland.

“Of course to truly protect Scotland’s health service from the spending decisions of the Tory-led coalition, we need the normal powers of an independent country.”

Stewart Stevenson
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