21 June 2016

Local MSP Challenges Conservatives on Policy Incoherence

Banffshire & Buchan Coast SNP MSP Stewart Stevenson challenged Conservatives to acknowledge their incoherence on civil liberties.

Mr Stevenson delivered the challenge to Liz Smith MSP while in Parliament during a debate on the Scottish Government “Named Person” policy.

Commenting, Stewart Stevenson MSP said,

“The Conservative position is a smoke screen.

“It is disturbing that Conservatives seek to paint the ‘Named Person’ policy as having a significant impact on where parents stand in relation to their child’s named person. The highest court in the Scotland has stated that there is no effect on the legal, moral or social relationship within the family.

“The Named Person policy is there if and when families need it. If they do, they have a statutory right to approach someone for answers and support for their children. Parents cannot be compelled to accept advice or support.

“If the Conservatives were really worried about civil liberties, they would have resolutely opposed the actions of the UK Tory Government to pass the ‘Investigatory Powers Bill.’ This act will have far reaching consequences, the very least being that the UK Tory Government will be allowed to gather information on the medical records of everyone in the UK and on Children’s activities.

“Their opposition appears more motivated by the ideological opposition to investing in public services rather than a concern for anything else. The fact that Ms Smith parried my question shows the reality of the Conservative position.”

Stewart Stevenson
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