24 June 2016

Stevenson Comments on EU Referendum Result

Commenting on the EU Referendum result, Banffshire & Buchan Coast MSP Stewart Stevenson said:

“Scotland has shown clearly that, as a nation, it wishes to remain part of the European Union.

“That is not to say that we agree the EU is perfect: it is not. But where we have been let down in Europe in the past, for example in fishing negotiations, is because we have had no-one sitting at the table speaking for Scotland’s fishermen.

“The SNP has long called for the return of control over fishing resources to our fishing communities. In the turmoil which we are now facing, it’s important the UK Government does not overlook these vital interests.

“With the prospect of exit from the EU now a reality, there will be a lot of people asking themselves what happens next. For our farmers, the question of subsidy payments will be a key issue and I am not at all confident a UK Government will seek to continue these in the present form.

“For business, such as food processing, the question of what happens to key workers who are EU nationals will be fundamental.

“For individuals, the prospect of having to apply for visas to go on holiday in Europe – and a whole raft of other issues – is important.

“It is clear that a referendum on independence – should that be the wish of the people of Scotland – and a subsequent yes vote, would maintain many of the competitive advantages Scotland has enjoyed with EU membership and would, for the first time, actually give us the driving seat to shape our own agenda in Europe.”

Stewart Stevenson
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