28 June 2016

Stevenson Backs Post-Study Work Visa

Banffshire & Buchan Coast SNP MSP Stewart Stevenson has called for the reinstatement of the post-study work visa.

Mr Stevenson challenged the UK Government to reintroduce the post-study work visa during a debate in Scottish Parliament. He stressed the impact the policy failure had on rural communities and the need for a policy that works for Scotland.

The post-study work visa was scrapped by the UK Conservative-Liberal Democrat Coalition Government in 2012.

Commenting, Stewart Stevenson MSP said:

“The decision to scrap the post-study work visa and wider UK immigration policy does not suit Scotland. The post-study work visa was an effective policy that allowed the retention of exceptional people prepared to invest in Scotland.

“Scotland has a historical problem of emigration. We can see through data that while the Highlands and Islands have a high employment rate but it tends to be part-time jobs and coupled higher numbers of people that are of pensionable age. Scotland’s rural communities can only benefit from young talented families like the Brain family.

“An effective system would allow Scotland to take advantage of the incredible abilities that people wish to bring to this country. There are many very bright and gifted people throughout the world, we should be welcoming them.

“Much of the academic and social success of the US has been based on a visa system built to attract talented individuals. The system allowed the country an almost magnetic pull for much of the world’s brilliant minds, there is something to learn there.

“The Scottish Parliament has already demonstrated a clear desire for the reinstatement of the post-study work visa. It is clear that Scotland demands an alternative immigration system to the rest of the UK. The dilemma of the Brain family is a sad reflection of this.”

Stewart Stevenson
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