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27 January 1999

Bank's Director of Technology Innovation Selected as Prospective Candidate for Scottish Parliament

Bank of Scotland is pleased to announce that a member of its senior management has been selected to stand as a candidate at the Scottish Parliamentary elections on 6th May 1999, Stewart Stevenson, the Bank’s Director of Technology Innovation, will stand for the Scottish National Party in the Linlithgow constituency.

Peter Burt, Bank of Scotland’s Group Chief Executive, commented;

“The Bank is delighted to support all staff standing for Parliamentary or Local Authority elections. As we have made clear, we support good government and not any one political party. If Stewart is elected, we shall be sorry to lose him but the Scottish Parliament will benefit from his skills and experience. If he is not elected, we shall be delighted to welcome him back as a full time member of staff.”

Commenting On his selection, Stewart Stevenson said:

“I am delighted that Bank of Scotland encourages staff who wish to serve the community through representative politics. At a time of change in politics, it is important that businesses allow experienced members of their staff to engage in the political process. This will help ensure that elected representatives are drawn from varied backgrounds to the benefit of the people and businesses alike.”

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