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23 May 2016

Stevenson welcomes offshore wind announcement

Banffshire & Buchan Coast SNP MSP Stewart Stevenson has welcomed the announcement that SSE have reached financial close on their Beatrice Offshore Wind Project in the Moray Firth, meaning the project will now progress.
Commenting, Mr Stevenson said:

“This announcement is excellent news for the economies of Banffshire, the wider North-east of Scotland and the Highlands.

“The Moray Firth is well placed to see some of the economic benefits of this multi-billion pound renewables projects which will support skilled jobs and more work for downstream suppliers.

“With further multi-billion projects in the pipeline for the Moray Firth the future for our harbours and for skills transfer from the oil & gas sector, which generates spend in our local economy, is very positive.

“The Scottish Government has shown welcome and global leadership on renewable energy – already powering through the target of generating half of Scottish electricity consumption from renewables.

“But this new project shows the potential to go even further – almost quadrupling Scotland’s offshore wind capacity – and will make a huge contribution to meeting our ambitious renewables and climate change targets.”

Tory priorities all wrong as Trident price tag rockets

The SNP has launched a renewed attack on the Tories’ obsession with nuclear weapons after UK government’s intention to press ahead with renewal of Trident, in spite of spiralling costs, was confirmed in the Queen’s Speech.

Earlier this week new figures from CND revealed that replacing Trident will end up costing taxpayers at least £205 billion. Their report suggested this figure might even underestimate the final costs, given that so many Ministry of Defence projects have run vastly over budget in recent years.

Despite costs running out of control, Prime Minister David Cameron remains hell-bent on replacing the UK’s nuclear weapons system – which will continue to be based on the Clyde just 30 miles from Scotland’s largest population centre.

Local MSP Stewart Stevenson has slammed the Tory Prime Minister’s “stubborn and senseless” pursuit of Trident replacement. The SNP MSP has joined calls warning that spiralling costs risk putting vital services at risk under a government at Westminster wedded to austerity.

Commenting, Stewart Stevenson MSP said:

“Two weeks ago the people of Scotland again elected a parliament with a clear majority of MSPs opposed to the obscenity of nuclear weapons in Scotland.

“On that basis alone it would be a democratic outrage for the UK Government to press ahead with their stubborn and senseless plans to renew Trident.

“And with new analysis showing the cost of replacing Trident skyrocketing to over £200 billion it becomes increasingly clear that the Tories have lost all sense of priority – persevering with an austerity agenda which is damaging the lives of disabled and vulnerable people in our communities, while throwing caution to the wind on weapons of mass destruction.

“Trident serves no military purpose. It is a status symbol which just gets more and more expensive, while the Tories keep dodging a democratic vote on its future.

“As the price tag for Trident shoots up, that means other budgets get squeezed – money that could be better spent on schools, our NHS, building affordable homes and vital public services.

“Worryingly, it seems there’s no limit on what David Cameron is willing to spend on a new generation of nuclear missiles – but the boys and their toys approach to governance over such a dangerous vanity project means that Tory cuts will have to fall elsewhere.”

15 May 2016

Tory Apprenticeship Levy to Clobber Scotland's College Budgets

Banffshire & Buchan Coast MSP Stewart Stevenson has backed calls from the Scottish National Party for the Conservative UK Government to clarify exactly how much money it is planning to take away from Scotland’s colleges through the introduction of its Apprenticeship Levy.

The matter was raised in the House of Commons at Business Questions when SNP Treasury spokesperson Roger Mullin MP asked Nick Boles, the Tory Minister of State for Skills, whether Scotland’s colleges would be exempt from the Levy given that they are the largest providers of apprenticeship education. Mr Boles said that the Levy would apply to all employers throughout the UK with a payroll bill of more than £3million.
Scotland has a significant number of large colleges with a payroll bill of more than £3million and Colleges Scotland estimate that the Levy could cost Scotland’s colleges £1.9million per year.

Commenting Stewart Stevenson MSP said:

“It now looks increasingly likely that the Conservative UK Government is going to clobber Scotland’s colleges with this Levy.

“Colleges Scotland have estimated that this will cost college budgets £1.9million per year – a huge sum to take away and with absolutely no clarity from the UK Government as to what is going to happen to this money.

“The real irony is that Scotland’s colleges are among the biggest trainers of apprentices in the UK, but could now have their budgets slashed by the UK Government in a move that could end up putting apprenticeships at risk.

“It is not surprising that the introduction of the Levy remains a matter of fundamental concern for the Scottish Government and the UK’s other devolved administrations. It encroaches on devolved responsibilities and is causing considerable concern for colleges and other employers.

“The Conservative UK Government has no control over how the Scottish Government or the other devolved administrations provide apprenticeships, so to imply otherwise by collecting what amounts to an employment tax is misleading for any employer with operations outside England.

“The Conservative UK Government must now offer urgent clarity over the Levy and urgently consider the wider implications of its introduction. It must explain exactly why it seems intent on hitting Scotland’s colleges and employers and what will happen with the money it is taking away.”

8 May 2016

Newly Re-Elected Stewart Gets Straight Back To Work

Newly re-elected MSP for Banffshire & Buchan Coast Stewart Stevenson has got straight back to work for his constituents.

Stewart has arranged a series of surgeries for the four largest towns in his constituency on Saturday 14 May. The SNP MSP, who has a reputation for hard work, expects to hold his 1,000th constituency surgery later this year.

Surgeries have been arranged for Buckie, Banff, Fraserburgh and Peterhead and appointments can be booked by telephoning Stewart’s Constituency Office on 01779 470444.
Commenting, Stewart Stevenson said:

“With the election behind us it’s now straight back to work for the constituents of Banffshire & Buchan Coast.

“Meeting with and calling on so many constituents during the election campaign has generated a lot of issues which require to be followed-up and holding a series of early surgeries is useful in addressing those.

“My Constituency Office team will be back at their desks on Monday morning providing a local constituency-based contact point for constituents looking for help with an issue or advice. We’re all looking forward to getting on with the job of continuing to provide quality representation for all the people of Banffshire & Buchan Coast over the next Parliamentary term.”

Stewart can be contacted by e-mail at; the Constituency Office can be contacted at, telephone number 01779 470444 or by writing to Unit 8 Burnside Business Centre, Burnside Road, Peterhead AB42 3AW.

Local MSP Delighted with Strong Support at Polls

Stewart Stevenson has thanked Banffshire & Buchan Coast constituents who turned out on Thursday to re-elect him as their local MSP.

The SNP candidate was re-elected with a huge 15,802 vote, representing 55.1% of all votes cast. This means the SNP’s track record at Scottish General Elections in Banffshire & Buchan Coast and the predecessor Banff & Buchan constituency of always having attracted the support of more than 50% of those who voted is maintained.

Commenting on the result, Stewart Stevenson said:

“I’m delighted with the strong support shown once again to the SNP by the people of this constituency and I wish to record my thanks to those who took the trouble to vote for me.

“While the SNP has continued its strong track record of always recording over 50% of the vote in Scottish General Elections locally, we take no-one’s support for granted and believe it has to be earned at each and every election. That is why our dedicated teams of volunteers in each community in Banffshire & Buchan Coast are so important in taking our message to the doorsteps and I thank each and every one of them – and there are many more of them these days – for their efforts.

“Nationally, the SNP achieved its highest-ever level of support in a Scottish General Election with over 1,059,000 votes on the constituency ballot, up from 902,000 in 2011. That’s more votes than the Tories and Labour combined.

“Under an electoral system that was specifically designed to stop any party obtaining a majority, the SNP managed to come within two seats of doing so for a second time. That is truly humbling support from the electorate.

“I thank all who voted for me. And promise those that didn't that I will be there for them when they need me.

“The election is over. The hard work of the next five years starts now.”

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