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18 February 2003

Westminster Fishing Minister “Invisible”

“The inactivity of Elliot Morley shown up by BBC web site” says MSP Stevenson

The SNP have published an analysis of the activity by politicians at the heart of the fishing crisis. Using the BBC web site search engine to identify total numbers of stories about the Westminster Fisheries Minister, Elliot Morley it has been shown that he has generated fewer press stories than any of the SNP members of the Scottish Parliament’s Rural Development Committee.

Speaking on the survey results, Banff and Buchan MSP Stewart Stevenson said;

“While simply looking at the BBC web site for press stories is not the only measure of how politicians perform, it certainly shows whether they are interacting with the public in putting their case.

“On any measure, Elliot Morley fails as a Minister. With only 9 ‘hits’, this Westminster Minister has fewer than I do and I have only been elected for 20 months.

“It is time that Scottish fishing interests are represented by someone with some ‘get up and go’. The election in May is a key opportunity to make that change.”

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