25 April 2007

SNP Launch Local Government Manifesto For Aberdeenshire

The Scottish National Party has launched ITS Manifesto for Local Government in Aberdeenshire.

The document - " A Manifesto for Aberdeenshire Council 2007" - sets out the priorities which an SNP-run Council will have if elected into office on 3rd May. It commits the Party to devolving more responsibility to the local Area Committees, thus better reflecting the needs and aspirations of the people of Aberdeenshire; to improving nursery school provision and working towards reducing class sizes in primaries 1 and 2; to amending the Structure and Local Plans relating to house building in the countryside; to implementing a waste strategy centred around waste minimisation, re-use and recycling and to revisiting the current Aberdeenshire Waste Management Scheme to ensure that all waste, recyclable and residual, is collected and disposed of efficiently.

The Manifesto highlights how an SNP administration in Aberdeenshire will work to ensure the area has a vibrant and diverse economy, with advice to new businesses, encouragement of sustainable working practices, promotion of rural businesses and ensuring there was an adequate supply of serviced land to facilitate economic development.

Commenting on the Manifesto, Cllr Alan Cameron , the retiring SNP Group Leader on Aberdeenshire Council, said:

"The SNP has consistently offered alternative policies in education, infrastructure and social services to reflect the concerns of the people of Aberdeenshire. We have been at the forefront in defending the traditional industries of farming and fishing. It's time for a new and effective administration in Aberdeenshire."

Scottish Parliament candidate for Banff & Buchan Stewart Stevenson commented:

"The ruling coalition of Liberal Democrats and independent councillors have run Aberdeenshire for the last 11 years. May 3rd gives voters the chance to vote for a new Government for Scotland and for a new council administration here in Aberdeenshire. It's time for an SNP-run council."

Stewart Stevenson
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