25 April 2007

Stevenson Launches SNP's Farming Manifesto in Banffshire

Banff & Buchan SNP candidate Stewart Stevenson met with farmers at Meikle Toux Farm, Cornhill, Banffshire to discuss the SNP's "Farming Manifesto".

In keeping with North-east tradition, the event took place with "a fly-cup and fine piece" in mid-afternoon.

Commenting, Mr Stevenson said:"It's time for a Government who will give rural Scotland the priority it deserves. The needs of agriculture and the countryside have slipped off the agenda of the current Liberal/Labour administration.

"The SNP stands full-square behind Scottish farming which is why we want to see the industry reinvigorated with a support scheme for new entrants, similar to that which has proved so successful in Northern Ireland.

"We also want to rein in the bureaucracy of agencies like SEPA which employ more and more staff and seem to fund this expansion through ever-increasing burdens on farmers.

"These are just two of the actions which Government can take to support Scottish farming and which is why I am proud to stand on a manifesto which offers the industry that support."

Stewart Stevenson
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