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4 October 2019

SNP Won't Let Tories Renege on Promise to Scottish Farmers

The SNP has demanded the Prime Minister comes clean on when Scottish farmers can expect the £160 million stolen from them by the UK Government.

Last month, the Tories finally admitted that Scotland's farmers and crofters had been short-changed by the UK Government on CAP convergence funding with Boris Johnson committing to repaying the cash.

With no clarity on when Scotland will receive the funds owed, local SNP MSP Stewart Stevenson has warned that the UK Government can’t delay on this issue any longer with the threat to Brexit looming over the industry.

Commenting, Stewart Stevenson said:

“It’s not good enough for Boris Johnson to keep ducking simple questions on when he’ll handover what he owes to Scottish farming.

“The Tories can’t be trusted - this money belongs to Scotland and it’s time for Boris Johnson to cough up.

“The SNP has fought tooth and nail for the Tories to right this historic wrong and we won’t rest until we see the colour of their money.

“But frankly it’s the bare minimum of what our farmers are due – with the uncertainty of Brexit hanging over the agricultural sector, Scottish farmers need more support from the UK government to deal with the fall out of crashing out of the single market.

“We need a cast-iron guarantee that Scottish farmers will see the money they’re due along with real commitments for support going forward.”

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