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31 October 2019

MSP Saddles up in Support of Annual Poppy Ride Contest at the Scottish Parliament

Stewart Stevenson MSP has taken part in the charity event, organised by Poppyscotland which sees politicians compete on an exercise bike to see who can cover the greatest distance.
Mr Stevenson cycled 2.88 km in just four minutes in a bid to raise awareness of this year’s Poppy Appeal.

The Scottish Poppy Appeal is Scotland’s largest annual street collection and helps to raise millions of pounds each year which Poppyscotland uses to support the country’s Armed Forces community.

This week, more than five million poppies and 60,000 collecting tins have been distributed around Scotland as the public is encouraged to wear a poppy with pride.

Stewart Stevenson MSP said:

“I am proud to lend my support to this year’s Scottish Poppy Appeal and to do my little bit to encourage us all to contribute to Poppyscotland as they continue their ongoing work to support the Armed Forces community throughout Scotland.

“The launch of the Scottish Poppy Appeal is a very important date in the calendar of Remembrance and I will certainly be putting on my poppy with pride to remember all of those who selflessly served our country, both past and present.

“It really does feel like a time when the country comes together to support a common cause – and we need that more than ever in these chaotic times.”

Poppyscotland Chief Executive Mark Bibbey said:

“We congratulate Stewart and all his parliamentary colleagues who showed what good sports they were by taking part in the 2019 Poppy Ride.

“While there were lots of laughs and banter along the way, it was important opportunity for Poppyscotland to highlight the issues facing the Armed Forces community and remind our politicians why the Scottish Poppy Appeal continues to be so vitally important in raising funds to support them.”

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