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14 April 2003

Icing On Cake For Local SNP Candidates

SNP Scottish Parliament candidate for Banff & Buchan Stewart Stevenson and Raymond Matthew, council candidate for Boddam-Inverugie, toured Murdoch Allan & Sons’ bakery at Hatton earlier today. The two candidates were presented with an SNP cake made specially for the occasion.

Mr Stevenson was part of the Simmers Working Group which successfully saved the Hatton factory from closure last year preserving local jobs and over a century of baking tradition in the Buchan village.

Speaking after the visit, Mr Stevenson said:

“I was delighted to pay a visit to Hatton and tour the bakery under much happier circumstances than when I last toured with United Biscuits management.

“The workers at Hatton are all very committed to doing a quality job and I was greatly impressed by the wide range of goods I saw being produced and the obvious dedication of the staff.”

Raymond Matthew added:

“Allan’s are clearly a very go-ahead company and I wish them every success in their future plans.

“It was an important boost to the local economy last year to retain a bakery of this scale in Buchan and if we can replicate elsewhere the commitment of those involved in the working group, we can truly release Buchan’s potential.”

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