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30 August 2004

Stevenson Welcomes MLC Report on Healthy Eating as Boost for Farming

Local MSP Stewart Stevenson has welcomed a report from the Meat & Livestock Commission (MLC) which highlights reductions in the fat and salt content of red meat over recent years and provides further evidence of its nutritional benefits as a boost to the local farming industry.

Mr Stevenson – whose Banff & Buchan Constituency is one of the prime meat-producing areas of the country – commented:

“Modern breeding and feeding techniques along with improved butchery methods have helped to ensure that red meat is much leaner. For example, the fat content of port has been reduced by over 30 per cent making pork in this country virtually the leanest in the world. Today, fully trimmed raw beef typically contains only 5 per cent fat.

“For those who choose to consume meat as part of a balanced diet, there are considerable nutritional benefits, bot in terms of weight maintenance and the provision of iron, zinc, B vitamins and other trace elements.

“The MLC report makes clear the improvements made in meat and meat production as people’s lifestyles change. Your local independent butcher – and there are 17 of them across Banff & Buchan – is well-placed to provide advice on this. I always buy my meat from local butchers shops for the high quality product and service they provide.”

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