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24 December 2004


Banff and Buchan MSP Stewart Stevenson has congratulated the officers and staff at Peterhead Prison on their achievement of Full Accreditation of the prison as a site for the delivery of STOP 2000 (Core) Programmes. The award reaffirms the prison’s position as a world-leader in the treatment and rehabilitation of serious sex offenders.

However, Mr Stevenson’s congratulations to prison staff have been accompanied by condemnation of senior SPS officials, who he believes once again tried to ignore the prison’s achievement.

Mr Stevenson commented:

“This is a terrific achievement for the prison, and further testament to the dedication and drive of prison staff who have, time and time again, reaffirmed Peterhead as the jewel in the crown of the Scottish Prison Service. It is a pity that this important achievement has not been trumpeted by the SPS, and while my congratulations go to all the officers and staff at Peterhead my condemnation goes to the SPS chiefs who ignored this success and have done nothing to secure the future of the prison.

“Clearly, the prisons regular achievements are not convenient for SPS Chief Tony Cameron, and his top brass, however, I have no doubt that awards will still coming to Peterhead Prison long after those officials have been replaced.”

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