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18 January 2010

Fewer Elderly Victims Get C Diff

Fewer pensioners than ever are being infected by hospital infection clostridium difficile, new figures showed. The number of c.difficile cases
amongst the over 65’s has fallen by 55% since 2007 under the SNP Government.

Commenting, local MSP Stewart Stevenson said:

“These figures show the dramatic impact the SNP’s focus on tackling hospital acquired infection has had. After climbing to over 1700 cases under Labour c.diff rates amongst the over 65’s have fallen 55% under the SNP.

“To more than halve c.diff rates in less than 3 years is a significant achievement. It is time opposition politicians accepted the achievements of the SNP Government and the NHS, the work of the health secretary and the real improvement in standards in Scotland's hospitals under the SNP after their years of neglect.

“Every case is a concern but the rapid fall in cases over the last two three years is a testament to the hard work of the NHS and the Health secretary. Investment in tackling HAI’s, bringing cleaning back into the public sector and establishing the Healthcare Environment Inspectorate are all key steps taken by Nicola Sturgeon to cut c.diff rates across Scotland.

“There is always more to do and I know NHS staff will continue their efforts to tackle hospital acquired infections.”

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