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26 December 2011

Stevenson Urges Shoppers To Have A 'Green' New Year

Local MSP Stewart Stevenson has urged constituents to throw out ideas for a white Christmas – and have a green New Year instead.

Mr Stevenson says we can all do our bit to help the environment this New Year – starting with shopping locally.

He said:

“I’m talking about taking simple, easy steps to help the environment and support our local economies this festive season.

“When people are nipping out to the shops for the last bits of food for the New Year’s dinner or stocking up for Hogmanay I’d urge everyone to do their best to shop local and to buy Scottish.

“We have some of the best food in the world produced locally and for New Year some Scottish salmon, beef, some of our great tasting local cheese or even a few locally brewed beers or a drop of whisky all make a great celebration meal and help our local economy.

“Shopping locally is a good way to beat the added costs of transportation that comes from the many products that are shipped from halfway around the world.

“This significantly impacts on greenhouse gases but by shopping locally you can combat that and help your local economy.

“Another way to help the environment is to recycle all the wrapping paper and Christmas cards that often end up in the bin.

“Local shops and supermarkets often have special bins dedicated to recycling cards.

“If every household in Scotland made an effort to ensure these are recycled, we can help cut the amount sent to landfill.”

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