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24 November 2013

Stevenson Raises Lonmay Road Safety Concerns with Officials

Local MSP Stewart Stevenson has met with senior officials from Transport Scotland and trunk roads agency BEAR to discuss concerns regarding road safety on the A90 Trunk Road at the Cortes area of Lonmay.

Mr Stevenson arranged the meeting, at the Ban-Car Hotel in Lonmay, which included representatives from the local Community Council, local councillor Charles Buchan, and constituents who had contacted him in light of the recent serious accident at the location, when a lorry left the road and ploughed into a residential property causing severe damage.

Following the meeting, Mr Stevenson commented:

“I was pleased that Transport Scotland and BEAR Scotland officials agreed to my request that they come to Lonmay to hear the views of local residents and the Community Council at first hand.

“The officials agreed to take forward ideas for the short term, including flashing chevron warning signs at the bends, as well as look into possible longer term solutions, which I welcome.

“I do hope that these measures will go some way to improving the situation and we will follow these up with BEAR.”

Local councillor, Charles Buchan said:

“I felt this was a very useful meeting. There is a history of accidents at this location over many years. A lot of these will be down to driver error but the authorities need to look and see what further interventions they can make to reduce the possibilities of such errors becoming accidents.

“For my part, I undertook to raise the issue of speed limits on the roads leading to this area which are council-maintained, and also speak to the Education Department about school bus access.”

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